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A love affair with my desk …

I was at a luncheon recently and a friend asked me my favorite thing about my job. I gave it quite a bit of thought before answering. Is it the people I love best? The fact that I work for a company that believes in environmental sustainability? Do I love getting to write about massage, [...]

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Keeping it Green

Are you using a hefty amount of plastic in your spa, salon, or independent massage business? Well, you aren’t alone. But you can do something about it. At this week’s Green Spa Network event in Arizona, plastic was a major topic of discussion. And I’m so inspired that I’ve decided to bring a few of [...]

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Hazelnut Lattes and Random Acts of Kindness

This morning I went through the Starbucks drive-thru to order my Venti Sugar-Free Hazelnut Latte at 140 degrees – yes, I am that girl – and something really pleasant happened. The car in front of me paid for my drink! When the barista told me I was free and clear to go, drink-in-hand, without coughing [...]

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