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What to look for in your first massage table?

Are you new to massage? Or, perhaps, you’ve been massaging for a while, but are yet to purchase your first massage table. Not sure what to look for? Fear not. In an effort to smooth along the process, I’ve put together a basic cheat sheet. So, let’s get started: Quality, Durable Materials If I have [...]

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What Makes A Good Facecradle?

I overheard a conversation recently in which the merits of facecradles were discussed. While I, of course, knew that some facecradles were better than others and had a general idea as to the elements that make some more technologically innovative than others, I wasn’t prepared for the complexity of the discussion. So, what makes a [...]

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Harmony DX Package

What’s Going On? My Table isn’t Flat!

I hear it all the time: My new massage table isn’t lying flat! It didn’t completely unfold. Is it defective? In a word: No. Well, at least not most of the time. There are, of course, incidents of defective tables out there, but I would argue that in almost all cases, a new table lifting [...]

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What Color Massage Table Should I Buy?

How many of your clients know what color your massage table is? If you give it some serious thought, the number might be smaller than you think. In truth, I hadn’t given upholstery color much thought until several weeks ago when I overheard a phone conversation between a customer service representative and a prospective client.

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