12 Easy Ways to Detoxify, Energize, and Relax for Health


I’ve seen a number of articles lately (and even written a few myself) concerning the best ways to relax; but it has become increasingly obvious (mostly through blog commentary) that relaxation is only a small component of overall health. What’s more, when people are stressed enough to research relaxation techniques, they tend to also be looking for easy ways to boost their energy levels and detoxify their bodies. In that spirit, I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite ways to incorporate all three health-boosters into your life. I’ve taken particular care to ensure none of these are prohibitively expensive and to ensure that they are easy to fit into the very busy lives that we all lead. What’s more, no single suggestion is dependent on another, so you can try any or all of these and still reap some pretty fantastic rewards. Here goes:

fresh_water organic_vegetables

    • Add regular massage and/or yoga to your wellness routine
    • Take 10-minute walk breaks throughout the day; even if you work in an office, you surely have occasional breaks; get out in the fresh air and move around for a few minutes
    • Drink plenty of clean, pure water; fresh spring, filtered or reverse osmosis
    • If you aren’t exercising regularly, start—exercise not only burns calories but drastically improves our energy levels
    • Meditate! If this doesn’t appeal to you at first, try a 5-minute guided session until you get the hang of it
    • Schedule technology-free hours or even days (if you reasonably can)
    • Add some greenery to your home and/or office; greenery has proven top-notch in detoxifying the environment
    • Cut down on air fresheners and instead open a window and set out some flowers
    • Cut down on blended coffee drinks and replace them with green or herbal tea at least once a day
    • Go meatless every Monday (and if you eat beef, go grass-fed organic)
    • Start buying organic produce when possible
    • Eat more veggies! There are a bazillion ways to get more veggies in your diet; if you happen not to love the taste of our little green friends, hide them in smoothies, on homemade pizza, or add them to your favorite sandwich or pasta sauce

There are, of course, plenty of other ways to improve your health and wellness, but these should provide you with a start. Incorporate only a few and I suspect you’ll see pretty major shifts in your energy and stress levels, not to mention in your overall health!